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The female scorpion appreciates his analytical mind while the male virgin finds her charming and confident.

He is a solitary person, whose social group is small. The other element being how well someone can articulate themselves in writing......which to me is a huge turn on ;)butthat being said, in my experience chemistry is still chemistry wether it be meeting what some people think is the analyzed 'perfection' they chose online or just someone by chance while out. I'm a Virgo and so is my sister and so is my brother. Your Virgo male won't divorce you, once in love, it's for keeps! Somehow I can't help but think this might be connected to why there are more Virgos on here than any other sign. He will marry you in time, lots of time, be patient. I haven't been very clear in my OP I've always felt that Virgos were the most ANAL of all the astrological signs. Virgo men can be workaholics, that way they can avoid "nooners". Sex won't happen until you push for it, but be sure to have your STD test results handy. He can visualize his name hyphenated after yours on the nameplate on your desk.

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