Computer must be restored before updating

Please let me know if you have reason to believe that another step is worthy of inclusion above.

We'll consider anything that might help prevent problems caused or seemingly caused, by Windows Update.

For example, if you accidentally delete monitored program files (such as files that have the or file name extensions), or monitored program files become corrupted, you can restore your computer to a state that existed before those changes occurred.

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System Restore monitors changes to the system and some application files, and it automatically creates easily identified restore points.It also does not restore any files that use common data file name extensions, such as or If you're not sure whether your personal files use common data file name extensions, and you do not want the data files to be affected by System Restore, save them in the My Documents folder.But invariably, some sectors are irrecoverably damaged or corrupted, which means some of your data may be lost forever.The entire process of recovering lost data, restoring a system to its initial state and reconfiguring from scratch can amount to hours or even days of lost productivity.

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