Computer keeps updating configuration compare two signs dating

It looped like this all night long and then again was doing it this morning when I left for work.Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Opearating System: Windows Vista Also, I don't really know how to do a System Restore and am concerned I will loose all my files.Luckily, there are a few ways you can set things up so that Windows will not be able to automatically restart your computer after a Windows update.

These two solutions are going to work best for people with “Home” or “Home Premium” versions of Windows.

I also don't have a backup, though most of what is on my hard drive is music (all gotten in the legal way though a complete pain to import). heres the fix: MANUAL FIX TO WINDOWS UPDATE LOOP 1.

Insert the Recovery/Install DVD into the computer 2. When you first start your computer, the first screen you see should give you the key combination to press to enter a 'multi-boot' menu. this advice above actually worked, and I didnt have to reset to defaults, or reformat. I did this twice on the same system after two consecutive Windows installations messed up startup. I have followed the discussion as I also had the problem by installing the windows vista service pack 1 and then thereafter NOT being able to start my computer at all.

While giving a Power Point presentation my Vista laptop decided to install new updates and I had to keep cancelling the ‘Shutting down in 10 minutes’ message box, which was very annoying.

How can I exercise more control over the downloading and installation of Windows updates and stop this happening in the future?

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