Colostomy dating service

It secretes left over bowel movements or a mucus-like fluid and leads to the rectum.

If you have a mucous fistula, your WOC nurse will teach you how to care for it while you’re in the hospital.

If your bowel movements are thinner, you can use a thickening product in the pouch to help thicken them.

Your WOC nurse will help you determine which product you should use.

With both types, the pouch attaches to your abdomen by the skin barrier and is fitted over and around your stoma to collect your bowel movements and gas.

The skin barrier protects the skin around your stoma from getting irritated by bowel movement leakage.

As the size of your stoma changes, you may need to change your pouching system.

Your bowel movements may be liquid, soft, or solid.

The most common types of ostomies are: In some surgeries, a second opening is created on the abdomen called a mucous fistula.

An ostomy can be made out of the small intestine or colon (large intestine).

When a piece of the small intestine is used to create an ostomy, it’s called an ileostomy.

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