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This comment and the exhibits hereto should be considered first in opposition to Citi Financial's Wa Mu Finance proposal. 102, La Mesa, CA 91941; 5909 South St., Lakewood, CA 90713; 11421 Carson St., Ste. Azusa Ave., West Covina, CA 91791; 6490 Platt Ave., West Hills, CA 91307 Los Angeles passed a predatory lending ordinance, 01-1476, available here (in pdf). Statewide, there's AB 489, adopted as Chapter 732 of 2001, and effective July 1, 2002. 27, 2003, letter purporting to unilaterally extend the time to provide records responsive to ICP's Jan.

Relatedly, this letter is a request, under your freedom of information statute, including Cal. D, Lakewood, CA 90715; 17030 Devonshire St., Northridge, CA 91325; 960 N. On the preemption front, currently state-regulated (and subprime-lending) Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation is trying to convert its 54 offices in California into branches of a federal savings bank, Chase FSB, to escape state laws... 10, 2003, formal request for records related to your Office's recent Settlement with Household International, Inc. After a 17-day delay, we are told that the Office of Civil Rights "will notify you of our response in a timely fashion." But this non-responsive response is already untimely.

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Burkett, Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman (Alaska), April 25, 2000, Pg.

Here are some related proposals, --House Bill 529; Senate Bill 273; HB 206 (all in pdf format) and the Alabama State Legislature.

On the front, currently state-regulated (and subprime-lending) Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation is trying to convert its office in Alabama (709 Azalea Road in Mobile) into a branch of a federal savings bank, to escape state laws...

It is in the public interest to disclose the specifics of any and all complaints against Household (and, for comparison's sake, certain of its peers) in Arkansas, and to disclose the specifics of the Settlement in Arkansas. 19, 2002, Household issued a press release stating that "[a]ll 50 states and the District of Columbia have agreed to participate in the program." For your information, numerous Attorney General's Offices in other state have provided ICP, without cost, with copies of complaints and other records in response to nearly identical Jan. Rather, the Denial cites to the "citizens of Arkansas" provision of Arkansas FOIA, without addressing the case law thereunder and its applicability to ICP's request. Hence, representative of corporation is entitled to receive any information that any other person would be entitled to receive pursuant to the FOIA..

While it should not be necessary, we note for example that Inner City is listed on the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council's Web site as a nationwide resource on the Community Reinvestment Act (see also, e.g., the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of April 11, 1999, "The color of home loans in central Arkansas," quoting ICP on lending discrimination in central Arkansas). Military Trail #1, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 The Florida Fair Lending Act, formerly known as Senate Bill 2262, "provides legislative findings; specifies prohibited acts re high-cost home loans; specifies required disclosures for high-cost home loans; requires lenders of high-cost home loans to provide notice to borrowers prior to taking foreclosure actions; allows borrower to cure default; provides that lender who violates this act forfeits interest in high-cost home loan; " etc.. 2, 2002, its main purpose is to preempt all municipalities' and counties' anti-predatory lending legislation...

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