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This post, Six Easy Tips for Knowing What to Wear, defines the most often used dress codes year round. Guys should dress one step above what they think they should wear. Take a look at Six Easy Steps for Knowing What to Wear to see whether what you’re planning to wear is in line with what your host has in mind. What your date or spouse wears and how that person acts is just as important as what you wear and how you act.The person you married or are dating speaks volumes about the choices you make.Doing anything else would be a poor show of gratitude on your part.

Surely, the boss wants you to let loose, indulge, and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

If it is possible, make sure to do so without taking up more than a moment of the boss’s time.

If the boss doesn’t know your name, also introduce yourself and your spouse or date.

Follow the Place a piece of standard-size paper on your lap while sitting in a straight-back chair.

If the piece of paper covers more skin than your dress, the dress is too short for anything to do with the office. But leave the fishnets for a non-work-sponsored party.

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