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There will be people who will question your choices especially for those who meet online.

No matter what people say, it is still your choice.

The fact is some think they can stretch the truth online and hide behind the shield of anonymity. Truth 4: The same process must be followed for both online and offline relationships.

Social media is a great tool to meet interesting people and create relationships, but you must be smart about it.

Spend plenty of quality time with each other offline to find out if you really click.

It all culminated in us getting married this past summer.The biggest letdown is if you get into an intimate relationship right away based only on what the other person says in their profile or an attractive profile photo.Before falling head over heels for someone, make sure you get to know the real person first.There is nothing wrong with asking questions and really getting to know who the person is in real life before committing to a more serious relationship. Relationships on social media may be great in the beginning, but once you take the next step and meet in person you may be in for a surprise.People may take more liberties engaging on social media than in real life.

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