Black diaspora communities dating

Download Afri Date on the App Store or Google Play.A dating app targeted at eligible black singles, regardless of nationality or ethnicity all over the world, Afri Date, has launched.

Happii is most widely known for their debut app, Alchomy, a drink spotting app for cocktail enthusiasts.In ancient Egypt as a whole, people were not designated by color terms […] Egyptian inscriptions and literature only rarely, for instance, mention the dark skin color of the Kushites of Upper Nubia.We know the Egyptians were not oblivious to skin color, however, because artists paid attention to it in their works of art, to the extent that the pigments at the time permitted.“Though we share the common experience of being members of the black race, people of African descent are not monolithic.We are the most genetically diverse people in the world and we, too, deserve a dating platform that thoughtfully considers our unique preferences, customs, and interests,” said co-founder Spann to

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