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Explaining that it gives her a feeling of power over men, she says 'no one touches me, no one hassles me. Craig is disgusted, but she tells him to accept it or be dumped.Kate Connor returns to the soap to reignite her affair with Rana Nazir after Luke's death.

She refused to acknowledge Mary as her heiress, however much Mary, nothing if not royal by temperament, prized her English rights.There she was brought up at the court of King Henry II and his queen Catherine de Médicis with their own large family, assisted by relations on her mother’s side, the powerful Guises.Despite a charmed childhood of much luxury, including frequent hunting and dancing (at both of which she excelled), Mary’s education was not neglected, and she was taught Latin, Italian, Spanish, and some Greek.And the biggest plot twist looks to feature nasty Pat Phelan - who seems to have set his sights on his next victim.But, while he eyes up someone else to focus his evil attentions on, Anna Windass could be about to expose him for who he is.

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