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PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces An affair with Howard Hughes followed, and Ava revealed he was a strident racist.The star married and divorced band leader Artie Shaw who she called a “bully” and then simultaneously dated Frank Sinatra and Robert Mitchum, both of whom were married at the time.The drama about them at the Hollywood Fringe Festival ran for several months, but I only got to see it in its last week.

AVA GARDNER (1922-90) Ava was a ‘knockout’, possibly the sexiest woman ever to grace a movie screen.

Gardner, born to a poor family in Grabtown, North Carolina on Christmas eve, 1922, was admittedly the most beautiful woman in movies, a rising star, coming off well-publicized marriages to Mickey Rooney and bandleader Artie Shaw (whom I knew in relation to my Billie Holiday movie; he was a bully and an egomaniac.) As we see in the play, Ava sticks by Frank in this difficult time, even helping him land the acting job which ultimately turned his fortunes around and won him a Supporting Actor Oscar in 1953, the role of Private Angelo Maggio in As Frank and Ava shows, Sinatra and Gardner loved each other in a passionate, intense way... I have concluded that they both were mirror images of each other: hard drinking, profane, and fiercely independent.

Neither one of them seems to have believed in being faithful and monogamous.

A divorce followed in 1957 (the year of my own brief first marriage)...

but this drama ends on a wonderfully poignant, charming note (unlike my marriage)...

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