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But that was a problem for later, if there was one for him."You know I would do anything to be with you Holly.""As you well know," Foaly said, tactfully ignoring what Artemis said.

It would not be a good idea to antagonize Holly and Artemis right now, especially since Holly had the new Nuetrino 4000 on her hip now.

"This machine, the "transformer" as I call it, cannot ensure that your body will accept the magic, which would kill you.""Oh, but there is one factor you had not thought to consider," Artemis said.

He was thinking back to Hybras and the magic he had stolen."And what might that be?

XRF analyzers measure the fluorescent (or secondary) X-ray emitted from a sample when it is excited by a primary X-ray source.

Surprized at first, Holly wrapped her arms around him, deepening the kiss.

They stayed like this for several seconds, but then Artemis noticed Foaly, Trouble and Juliet, who had come with Artemis instead of Butler, who was recovering from a bad case of the flu, to guard him.

Artemis broke off the kiss long enough to find the button to polarize the windows in Holly's office, which she got when she was promoted to Major.

" asked Foaly."The time stream where I stole some magic.

So I am one hundred percent certain that I will survive the transformation to a magical creature a second time.""Artemis," Holly said, pleadingly.

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