Archeomagnetic dating

All other databases are complete up to December 1999 and in some cases include data from early in 2000.

Mc Elhinny and Lock (1996) give a description of the Access versions of the GPMDB, TRANS and SECVR.

Thus, an archaeomagnetic sample, in theory, should more accurately date the target event than other dating sources (Wolfman 1990a:346).

In the statistical method of sample dating (Sternberg 1982; Sternberg and Mc Guire 1990), the data from an archaeomagnetic sample are compared to to the mean VGPs of a statistically-created curve.

Perrin, Schnepp and Shcherbakov (1998) give a brief description of PINT and Mc Elhinny, Opdyke and Pisarevsky (1998) give a description of MAGST. Lisa Tauxe, offers an on-line version of companion software to the book Paleomagnetic Principles and Practice.

F-tests are calculated at the 5% significance level to identify the mean VGPs that differ from the location of the undated sample.

The remaining mean VGPs cannot be statistically distinguished from that of the sample, and their associated date range(s) is assigned to the sample VGP.

We have selected the computer program Archeo Courbe, available from M.

Chronologic information for the AM data sets has been reassessed, and the data points have been assigned to age ranges depending on their archeological contexts.

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