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In summary, the real issue isn’t what some clinical trial did or didn’t show; it’s and your hostile attitude.” In a different context, these sorts of responses would be considered strange, and the need to resort to them revealing.(Interestingly, in excusing D-Wave’s statements, some commenters explicitly defended standards of intellectual discourse so relaxed that, as far as I could tell, say on this blog, which is not OK!It appears that, while the D-Wave machine does outperform certain off-the-shelf solvers, simulated annealing codes have been written that outperform the D-Wave machine on its own native problem when run on a standard laptop.More research is needed to clarify the issue, but in the meantime, it seems worth knowing that this is where things currently stand.Even if not, isn’t it possible that the startup will manage to develop an effective gene therapy sometime in the future?And anyway, at least they’re out there to make gene therapy work!

If you can’t tune out the PR and concentrate on the science, that’s your own damn problem.

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The dating world isn’t a cake walk for anybody out here.

Common groupings of lichen thallus growth forms are: There are variations in growth types in a single lichen species, grey areas between the growth type descriptions, and overlapping between growth types, so some authors might describe lichens using different growth type descriptions.

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