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Both were tender and flavorful the lamb came with a grain salad that was nutty and a good counter to all the richness.

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Upsetting and distressing as it is and was for the innocent victims of the atrocities, the work of the sub-committee will bring some measure of closure for them. With regard to the Garda investigations initiated in the aftermath of the various incidents and outrages described in the report, it is important for the sub-committee to appreciate that then, as now, neither the Minister nor the Department would in any sense have shadowed a Garda investigation.

The situation is that with regard to major criminal episodes, I would receive at most either an oral or a very short written briefing, perhaps of two or three paragraphs, in order that I would be in a position to handle press queries at the time.

I would not receive major Garda reports unless I requested them and even then I would be reluctant to request detailed working papers of Garda investigations because as the sub-committee knows, there is now a different ethos with regard to the relationship between the Minister and the Secretary General and the Garda Síochána than perhaps in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

My only reason for discounting the place at all was that I had ordered my lamb rare and it was delivered well done.

They changed it out immediately but had to fire a new plate so our meals timing was off.

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