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I could blame Disney, or cultural conditioning, or the quintessentially American lack of princesses guiding me toward a dewy-eyed lust for ball gowns and tiaras, but the why doesn’t matter — I’m charmed by the idea of A Royal Highness, even if the idea of a woman marrying into an institution of inherited power is at its heart problematic, both politically and in its assumption that hitching your wagon to unearned wealth is an acceptable route for ambitious women (sometimes you just have to enjoy things).

This amount is paid on the behalf of all guests (up to 4) in a stateroom.Availability is limited and must be reconfirmed at time of booking.All prices change frequently and our website prices are not guaranteed until a deposit has been received by us.The notion of a princess, of The One Who Marries The Prince, is a cultural touchstone that conveys strength, beauty, and a specific undeniable lovability that is often denied black and multiracial people in the public eye, so forgive me if I gush over Meghan Markle getting her ring — he’s a very nice prince, but putting a mixed black lady in the "princess" role is a much nicer step forward for representation in the modern world.Follow Alexis on Twitter and Cosmo Celeb on Facebook.

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