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Air must be available in Princess EZair to book in order for the offer to apply.Additional airline baggage, change and cancellation fees may apply.Please call us toll free at 1-800-627-3753 to confirm current prices and availability.Prices listed are per person, cruise only, and based on double occupancy.Enter Meghan Markle, a half-black, half-white actress whose blackness is clear and present in her beautiful skin, and who is as of November 2017 engaged to marry Prince Harry. My happiness for the couple obviously mirrors that of all people who love a love story, but I’d be lying if I said Meghan Markle’s status as a multiracial black American whose journey with her identity closely mirrors my own (down to her frustration with “Just Pick One/Other” race boxes on standardized tests, an invalidation so common it’s become a meme among mixed-race Americans) didn’t give me a special type of joy. The extra delicious topping to the black-girl-goes-royal sundae is the fact that Markle is marrying Prince Harry, who has enjoyed a special place in the hearts of many black and multiracial women on Twitter for our long-held belief that Harry likes black girls.It’s a feeling between “look how far we’ve come” and “we up in this bitch,” with the gentlest of middle fingers delivered to a social class that has historically prided itself on keeping brown folk out. His appreciation for black beauty was meticulously documented through images of His Royal Highness gazing with awe upon dark-skinned models and dancing in Jamaica, to the point where “Prince Harry is into black women” was a tongue-in-cheek meme about him being the most down member of the British royal family.††Up to 0 off air applies to all guests (up to 4) in a stateroom and is based on voyage length.Air discount applies to a discount off flights booked through Princess EZair.

Or if you book your airfare through Princess, you can receive up to 0 savings on airfare to select destinations!It would be easy to dismiss my happiness over Meghan Markle’s engagement as a dark reflection of the misguided idea that black women, mixed or not, need the approval and attraction of white men, royal or not, to have value, but in assessing my own emotions, I don’t think that her example falls into that trope.The need to belong and to have representation in all walks of life is a human constant, and to look forward to a future where the legacy of the British Royal family involves mixed-race princesses and princes (as Markle’s children might be, as she likely will be called a Duchess instead of having the official title of princess) is heartening for me as a multiracial person whose only experience seeing women like me in the arms of a prince are with Brandy Norwood and Tiana.Please visit for information and to book your flights.*Fares apply to minimum lead-in categories on a space-available basis at time of booking. Fares are per guest, non-air, cruise- or cruisetour-only, based on double occupancy and apply to the first two guests in a stateroom.

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