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One day Gloria, who had been sizing up Ralph while dating one of his friends, asked him out.“She made her mind up about us long before I did,” says Ralph, 53, a phys-ed teacher.J., Weichand brings about a half-dozen grievously ill children each month to the U.

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Billy’s first year was a greater challenge than Gloria had ever known.Weaving a network of deals for the families, she secures free flights, phone time and car service, teams them with translators and finds free or reduced-rate housing in hotels and community centers.Finally, through an arrangement with the New York University Medical Center, where the hospital charges a maximum of ,000 per child, she provides the kids with lifesaving surgery.“He said he was not afraid of death for himself,” recalls Weichand.“He was afraid for his parents, because they had already lost his older brother to the same thing.

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