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In addition, there are volumes which are rare by virtue of the scarcity of copies, the fragility of the volumes, association with certain individuals, or special features of printing, binding or illustration.A collection of the elementary and secondary textbooks currently adopted for use in Mississippi's public schools, including textbook kits and associated CDs, DVDs and cassettes.Lindsey took note and gave it some thought as she grew into an adult.

She and Brad were living in Columbus due to his job in the National Guard.“I met a patient in his 50s who had one,” she said. “I'd been told it would be several months before we'd know if I'd be a candidate. Eby said I looked like a good candidate, but he needed to follow it through with tests,” Lindsey said. '''She did -- a hearing evaluation, CT scan and full audiology workup.

“Hearing aids help to a point, but there's a cutoff we use for whether hearing aids, or an implant, is the better option.

If you can understand 50 percent of words with a hearing aid, you're better off with that.

“But, it will become more and more natural with time.”And so it's been with Lindsey. “When I don't have my cochlear implant on and just my hearing aid on, I can hardly hear anything.”Just three days after her cochlear implant surgery, Lindsey Edmondson, upper left, attended a reunion of Miss Neshoba County Fair winners.

She's pictured with her daughter Posey, bottom left, and Lindsey's aunt, fellow Miss Neshoba County Fair Shannon Posey and Posey's daughter Lauren Qwen Posey.

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