20 year age gap dating

In the last couple of years I know he has contacted people on facebook & I constantly live in fear that he will leave me for someone younger.He says he loves me but how do I know he won`t leave me for a younger model?

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My friend wants children and would like to be having them now and obviously that is not going to happen with me...I probably still have a chance of having a baby naturally but do I want to be a 50-52 year old mother to a baby with a man in his mid 20s? He cannot bring himself to leave me although he would like to meet a young woman and start a family but lamments that he will never find someone like me.Even i have seen a counsellor but he advised me to let it be coz its my nature.And ofcourse i enjoy it and now i dont think about young girls.Although nothing has been confirmed, they could be facing the same problems as Marc and Chloe.Age-gap relationships can be great, it all depends upon what level you’re at in your life.

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