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(as Dietmar) Roy Hunter (as Klaus) Rally van Kamp (as Rally) Most young people do not exactly fancy the idea of living in a boarding-school.

But once they get an insight into the wild games that are played in the beds of their mates, these young chicks come to love the pleasure of unhibited sex ...

While she goes off to consult him, Rocco sees two women at a cafe (Melodie Kiss and XNK0654) and fantasises about having anal sex with them.

then he goes over to chat them up and gets off with Melodie Kiss.

Video dating proprietress Rachel Ryan allows the viewer to follow some of her clients down the rocky road to happiness, sometimes joining her customers herself, and the result is a somewhat muddled, although not always uninteresting, series of sexual vignettes. There's a well-handed encounter on a museum staircase that's a collector's item, and the obligatory lesbian scene, featuring New Age Princess Cassie Nova and the ever-demure Viper, makes inventive use of fresh vegetables.

For the most part, however, cast and crew seem to merely be going through the motions.

Amusingly however, while each hot body is in search of their ultimate partner in passion, the arousing Rachel mismanages a series of erotic encounters that give her clients far more than they bargained for!

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Later we see the two women together, Melodie using a strap-on dildo on her friend.

The parapsychologist (Philippe Soine) hypnotises Marie and has his way with her.

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