10 dating man woman years younger

Well, more like 13.5 but still I didn’t know this just yet. Not that I should be so concerned about what it Anyway, David came into the boutique one day in October.

Yes, you read that right: he is over a decade younger than I am. He told me that he and his girlfriend had split in June and said that we should grab a drink sometime.

They have an amazing relationship and he adores the crap out of her­.

Her advice to me was, “Don’t do the math of, ‘When he’s ___ age, I’ll be ___ age. The numbers began to dissolve in my head and I became able to just see a man there.

I asked him if he knew how old I was, to which he replied, “Originally, I thought you were about 36, but now I’m not sure.” I told him my age.I could relate to where she was coming from actually, as I find most women (and men) cannot keep up with me either!Because of this, I tend to date women who are 10 to 15 years younger than I am.It’ll fuck you up and you’ll get it stuck in your head.”Good point. Still, I couldn’t help the ever-present Google search of “Older Women, Younger Man Guide” and the plethora of information that came with it.The more time passed, the more I liked this person. This man—at almost 14 years younger—is light ­years more respectful, mature, and supportive than my ex, who was my age. I am smitten and I don’t care at all about the age difference anymore.

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