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Nickey was a true believer in the Red, White and Blue.From debate club and student government to a political science major at Columbia, she was on the fast track to the inner workings of Washington, D. She was thrilled to get her internship with one of the most prominent lobbyists on the Hill; his connections were legendary, his reputation built on bills passed, or tabled, depending on who he was working for.Her pretty feet catch his eye again and he moves to the foot of the table.Removing her shoes, he squeezes his dick between her soft soles and enjoys a footjob.Furious that she would take such liberties with him, he lashes out.

His rage unabated, he grabs a nearby electrical cord and wraps it around her neck, pulling tight, while his cock continues to batter her womb.

She begins to straighten his tie and button his shirt, but seeing him so peaceful, so helpless, she begins to get naughty ideas in her head.

Pulling his cock out, she sucks and licks until it is rock-hard and standing at attention.

Rolling and shifting her petite frame on the hard table, Max begins peeling some of her clothes off.

Bringing her butt to the edge of the table, he spreads her legs and pushes himself inside her tight cunt.

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